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Q1) How the shipping company policy?

Shipping Policy Newwaveasia calculates shipping charges based on total ship weight of individual order. In most cases, our shopping cart system will provide you with several ship methods to choose. You will be able to review shipping charges before actually placing your order. We strongly encourage you to read through the following information prior submitting your first order with us.

1. Shipping Method and Destination: Our shopping cart considers country recorded in your membership profile as a ship destination by default. Shipping methods is a result of calculating shipping alternatives available for the default destination. Your selectable ship methods are Door-to-Door delivery type. Sea freight is Port-to-Port and will be quoted separately per your request. If you have your own account with other shipping agency not in the list, our system also allows you to enter name and account number of your own shipping agent. However, using our shipping agent will be cheaper in most cases.

2. Net Weight and Gross Weight(Ship Weight): Net Weight is an actual weight of physical product. Gross Weight (ship weight) is the net weight but with its packaging or carton. It is considered either the real weight or its dimension, depends on which one is greater. There is a trick that our Shopping Cart System calculates shipping by a step of 0.5Kg. You should adjust item quantity in shopping cart to be closest to the 0.5Kg. step so that optimum shipping charge can be obtained.

3. Insurance: shipped with limited liability. No insurance if shipped by EMS.

4. Inbound or Custom Tax: not included. Customer must be fully responsible for it. Please be awared that custom officer in your country may or may not charge your imported goods. They may charge all shipment, some shipment or none. It depends on total value, product type or their sampling policy. In most cases, courier services will clear shipment and deliver right away. However, if the shipment is charged by the custom, later, the courier company will invoice you for the outstanding import tax.

5. Delivery Time: Delivery time, which is shown, is given by individual carrier and it is only estimation. You should also expect some variation between each shipment.

Special Note: We may sometime ship your order using another equivalent ship method, which is different from what you have selected. And without advance notification, if the new method cost you the same amount and delivery cycle time.

Q2) How many types of shipping which could be dilivered my ordering ?
There are 3 options of shipping method, each option is suitable for the different order size and ship weight. Their details are :

Type of Carrier Ship Weight Condition/td> Approximate Delivery Timing
 1. EMS (Express Mail Service)  Strat from 0.1 kg.  3 - 5 working days
 2. Courier Freight (FedEx/DHL)  Start from 0.1 kg.  3 - 5 working days
 3. Sea Freight  Start from 500 kg.  1 month

Note : Delivery timing as above is only estimated, it may be varied from this depended on Customs clearance process in each country.

Q3) How much approximate freight charge both of Air freight and Sea freight ?
Normally, for the large order that have the ship weight started from 45.1 kg., the shipping charge would be quoted you for consideration.

Q4) How do I know which is the best way to ship my order ?
Will suggest the best alternatives and you can decide which best suits your needs. After receive your order, we will e-mail you back within 2 working days with shipping costs and options to your destination.

Q5) Can my order be shipped by sea freight ?
Yes it can, as long as the volume of the total consignment is greater than one cubic metre (1cu.m). If you select this service instead of courier, please note that you will be responsible for arranging and paying for Customs clearance at your local port and delivery from port to your premises. A reputable clearing agent will be able to advise you about this procedure and the costs involved.

Q6) How is the shipping cost calculated ?
EMS prices are based on the weight of the gross weight (actual weight).
Sea freight charges are calculated by volume weight. (cubic meter)
Courier prices are based on the weight of the consignment,either the gross weight (actual weight) or volume weight(dimensional) are used - whichever is higher.

Q7) How long is delivery ?
Consignments sent by courier and EMS will take about 3-5 working days to your door. We will notify you about the airway bill reference number on despatch so that you can use it to check shipping progress at any time. For orders with a volume greater than 1 cu.m we can ship by seafreight if you have specified this option, Sea freight take 3 - 4 weeks from our warehouse to your port, plus 3 - 8 days Customs clearance, plus road transport to your premises. We will notify you about the bill of lading reference number on dispatch so that you can use it to check shipping progress at any time.

Q8) What are the documentation charges for the goods forwarding, what is the cost for this ?
The cost of documentation charges are concerning the customs, i.e. Invoice, Packing List, Form A, B/L, etc… Normally, shipping charge that we quoted is covered all documentation charge as above detail that occurred in our area. Sometimes, when the goods are arrived at your area, there is some documentation charge from your customs that you have to respond by yourselves.

Q9) If I have the account with other courier or forwarder company, can I ship with my courier / forwarder or not ?
Yes, we can ship our products via your courier/forwarder company. You will do only provide us your account or your forwarder detail, we will contact them when your goods are already finished and ready to ship. To ship via your courier/forwarder company, all shipping charge will be freight collected. It's mean all expense would be corrected directly at your site.