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Banana Syrup

100% All Natural Banana Syrup

How does Banana Syrup taste?
At first taste, most people expect a strong banana taste. Surprisingly Banana Syrup tastes less like bananas and more like a deliciously tangy sweetener. Most often compared to the likes of molasses, Banana Syrup looks more like maple, feels most like honey, and notably leaves a hint of caramel on the tongue.

How do I use Banana Syrup?
That´s easy! Where ever you use maple syrup, honey, caramel, molasses, corn-syrup, or any other syrups, Banana Syrup offers a fresh new perceptive. A tangy new take on pancakes, waffles, and french toast, Banana Syrup compliments many desserts, teas, and cheeses. Other uses include flavoring for fritters, ice cream, and fresh fruit. An ideal sweetener for granola, applesauce, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes, warm cereals, winter squash, cakes, crepes, pies, breads, coffees, and hot toddies. Culinary experts and novices alike are enjoying discovering the many possibilities of this exciting natural sweetener.

Why Banana Syrup?
This natural tangy sweetener is a new approach to traditional pancakes, beverages, and desserts. Once limited to maple syrup and honey, banana syrup offers a fresh new alternative. More than just a natural sweetener, banana syrup effectively maintains all of its nutritional properties; potassium, magnesium, vitamin B, as well as an active pre-biotic which can induce metabolic activities, leading to health improvements.

Banana Syrup? How did you do it?
Well we could say we did over night, but that would be far from the truth. The fact is, true natural Banana Syrup has been a product years in the making. The Uncle Tong team invested numerous hours and resources in developing the banana syrup reduction technique. This special technique begins as many great recipes do; chopping, dicing, boiling, and so on. In this case though, it is all done simply with bananas. Absolutely no other ingredient is needed. Our special banana reduction technique is finished with an evaporation process that promises the cleanest and purest syrup. Uncle Tong´s Banana Syrup is unique as it is the only syrup truly derived solely from bananas. No artificial flavoring, additives, preservatives, or sugar substitute.

How Do We Market Banana Syrup?
The market for Banana Syrup is wide open and unchallenged. There is only one true all natural Banana Syrup. Where ever maple syrup, honey, or corn syrup is sold so too can Banana Syrup! Uncle Tong´s Banana Syrup is an exciting new product introduced to catering markets globally. Professional chefs around the world are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of adding this all natural syrup to their favorite recipes. As for the family tables, Uncle Tong´s Banana Syrup is easily found on the shelves of gourmet markets, wholesome food centers, as well as, a vast of online and catalogue magazines.